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Welcome to the Datacenter Resource Site

This web site is intended as a companion to the Datacenter mailing list, and the materials presented here are largely provided by members of that mailing list.

Resources are of two types: links to pages/documents located elsewhere, and resources local to this page. If you have a link you would like to see added, a document you would like to have placed on the site, or if you would like to maintain a subdirectory on this site, contact Richard Welty ( The only rules are that documents/subdirectories/links must be relevant to Datacenters, and that some semblance of good taste be maintained.

News 1/16/2003

I'm currently going through and fixing/removing stale links, and adding some new links that have recently been brought to my attention.


The Datacenter Mailing List

Note: I do not maintain the datacenter mailing list. Do not come to me with list related questions or requests. Thank You.

To join the datacenter mailing list, send an email to

The archives of the Datacenter mailing list are currently offline, with no ETA for their return.


The webmaster for this site is not really a datacenter wizard. The information, links, subdirectories, etc., have been provided by various members of the Datacenter mailing list, who collectively have a staggering amount of knowledge about building these facilities.

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